Vegas: Oh Lawd Save me From This Insane Land!

Vegas: Oh Lawd Save me From This Insane Land!

Sin City. There are zero intentions I have of freaking you out or deterring anyone from going there.

I just got back from there it was a blast! I went with two of my friends and did watched a bunch of shows, checked out the strip and had some delicious buffets with minimal gambling involved. Though there are certain aspects of this city that just aren’t quite up to par with certain ethical standards. For example the people on the streets handing me cards of naked woman just don’t cut it.

It makes it even worse when I see families walking by them, how uncomfortable of a situation is that?

But nevertheless that is the culture of this city. It’s a place where someone making minimum wage can look like they have all the money in the world. It satisfies the younger generations of 20-35 year old men and women.

I personally think it’s more tailored towards men due to the unsightly nature of the surrounding casinos and billion dollar hotels, xxx signs everywhere and bloodshot eye, hunched over people awaiting their next inevitable defeat.

Outside of all that, and all of the “woo girls” I found myself having so much fun in such a crass area. It really brings out the young adult in you. If you are younger you loath the elders with their endless rolls of money; if you are older you envy the youthful energy of people walking up and down the strip free of the clutches of public intoxication tickets. But both find satisfaction in whatever body they are in.

You adapt to the situation and thrive on doing things you wouldn’t dare do in front of your parents. It is a haven for singles or groups of friends looking for a good time. The boredness of couples was almost astonishing – I felt awful walking by the Venetian to see a married couple in their 40’s both staring at their iPhone’s and not speaking a word to each other.

One suggestion I would is to not venture there with a significant other. I’m not advertising going out and doing something regrettable at all, I’m simply saying this is not somewhere you want to take your significant other. This is a place to take your friends, unleash whatever fantasy you have and return to the life you originally signed up for.

And that’s not to be taken as a “I have a boring life”. I spent 2 days in Las Vegas and I was so drained and spent so much money it is a hardly sustainable lifestyle for any middle class worker.

In the end, the shows, the blackjack tables, and the 17 Elvis’ I saw were the perfect getaway from a life in front of a computer. I recommend going to at least one show (Cirque Du Soleil), having a bunch of drinks at random clubs (XS) and destroying some buffets (Bellagio). That makes for the perfect weekend getaway.

Go to Vegas at least once; without your significant other. I promise you’ll Woo at least once.



First post!

Hey everyone!

Thanks for finding my website, I’m just relaunching this to re-visit the world of the internet after a long time away. I’ve learned many things along the way and am started from scratch. I hope to have more adventures with everyone and looking forward to the next story!

But for now… Vegas will do